Hastings May Day Bike Run Traffic

Keeping it respectful, responsible, safe & fun.

Monday 6th May, 2024


Other than parking, the traffic into Hastings is the single biggest issue you will face, particularly if you're not on a bike. With tens of thousands of visitors to the town on the day, there are few options to navigate your way.

Riding your bike into Hastings

Riding your bike to Hastings isn't just about Hastings, it's the journey there. Every bridge, every stop, every paved area in town will be filled with visitors clamouring to see the bikes and it's an incredibly surreal experience.

However, due to the volume of bikes, traffic will be extremely congested much to the frustration of other road users. As bikers, we can make a huge difference to the experience for ourselves and others by observing a few simple steps:

  1. Always keep junctions and roundabouts clear so traffic flows.
  2. Keep relative speeds low when filtering / overtaking.
  3. Do allow cars, buses, vans etc to exit junctions and join the traffic.
  4. Always observe traffic lights, yellow box junctions and one-way signs.
  5. Do not restrict or block access to other roads / services.
  6. Large groups of bikes are intimidating / aggravating, depending on someone's temperament so please be respectful and understanding of other road users.

Driving your car into Hastings

You are going to face extreme delays heading into Hastings from all roads, particularly the A21. The best defence you have against the traffic, is:

  1. Get there early! Preferably before 10am.
  2. Avoid the A21 and try the A27, A259 as well as surrounding minor roads.

Car drivers have previously reported delays of hours attempting to get into Hastings during the peak times, so please factor this in to your day when arriving. Even slightly deviating from the A21 will have a positive impact on your chances of getting into Hastings, so please do turn off early and take an alternative route in.

Catch the train into Hastings

The best way to arrive, the train will land you in the town centre of Hastings. Alternatively you can explore a bit more of our wonderful town and disembark at either St. Leonards Warrior Square or West St. Leonards.

Whichever station you arrive at, just head for the seafront and walk East towards the Old Town.

Get there early!

Bikes leave Locksbottom from around 9am, with the weight of traffic peaking between 11am and 1pm. The best way to enjoy the day is to get there ahead of time.