Hastings May Day Bike Run Safety

Keeping it respectful, responsible, safe & fun.

Monday 6th May, 2024


The event succeeds because the overwhelming majority of riders and visitors make it a fun and safe day. This is a crucial aspect of keeping the event sustainable and as bikers, there are things we can do to be respectful, responsible and finally, safe.

Be respectful

  1. Give other road users their right of way.
  2. No swarming and cutting in front of other vehicles.
  3. No agressive or intimidating riding.
  4. Be courteous to others on the road.

Be responsible

  1. Bike must be legal and roadworthy.
  2. Overtake and filter slowly, keeping relative speeds low.
  3. No wheelies, revving to intimidate or other forms of hotdogging.
  4. Leave plenty of room to prevent from swarming.

Be safe

  1. No speeding.
  2. No racing.
  3. No dangerous overtaking / manoeuvres.
  4. There will be marked/unmarked camera cars and bikes, mobile speed cameras and warning signs.
  5. There will also be opportunities for advice from local authorities and support services along the way.

The local Council and the Police want everyone to be safe. Make their jobs easier by keeping to the above and keeping the day a great one.