Parking for Hastings May Day Bike Run

Keeping it respectful, responsible, safe & fun.

Monday 6th May, 2024


When you arrive in Hastings, whether a biker or a visitor, you will find parking to be a challenge. Hastings Borough Council have been flexible in allowing the event to occur and provide dedicated parking for bikes.

Parking for bikers

  1. The primary parking for bikes is the Pelham Place Car Park on the seafront. It has a large capacity, is secure and also is easy to locate and access.

    Pelham Place Car Park, Carlisle Parade, Hastings, TN34 3AD - Map.
  2. The secondary parking for bikes is the The Stade Open Space also on the seafront in Hastings Old Town. It has a smaller capacity, is secure and also is easy to locate.

    The Stade Open Space, Hastings, TN34 3DW - Map.

Parking for visitors

During the May Day Bike Run, the central seafront and Old Town will be full and beyond with bikes, so there will be little opportunity to park your vehicle. However there is still plenty of parking in Hastings just a short walk away with easy access too.

  1. Priory Meadow Shopping Centre Multi-Storey Car Park is centrally located and has parking for 1,000 vehicles.

    Priory Meadow Shopping Centre Multi-Storey Car Park, South Terrace, Queens Rd, Hastings TN34 1PH - Map.
  2. Priory Street Multi-Storey Car Park is another large capacity car park near Hastings Train Station, and is walking distance to the town centre.

    Priory Street Multi-storey Car Park, Priory St, Hastings TN34 1EA - Map.
  3. Enjoy our stunning beach, promenade and pier by parking at the Marina. It's right on the seafront, easy access to the town and you get to enjoy the stunning views.

    Marine Parade, St Leonards, Hastings TN38 0DW - Map.

There are many more parking spaces peppered around Hastings and St. Leonards, so there is always somewhere to stop and enjoy the day. Heading west along the seafront provides more parking opportunity and also lets you stroll along our beautiful promenade.

Parking courtesy

The simple fact is, on the day there will be more bikes in Hastings than parking allows. Whilst Hastings, the Borough Council, retailers and locals welcome the attendance of visitors to the town, it's important that as bikers, we remain respectful when we stop and park.

The two main concerns we have are:

Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement applies throughout the town on the day, but there is discretion and concession for bikes when parking in the allocated areas. Should road or pavement access be restricted or blocked, enforcement will be applied. This is to ensure that the event maintains a safe place to attend and everyone has access to all areas for the enjoyment of the day.